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His commitment, capacity, and proactivity helped me to rely on him for the responsibility of the project. Rune's skills were a mix of creative and innovative approaches and precision and accuracy in the details.

-Kike Macias

Waste Hero cabinet

The Hero of Waste

From students to the leaders of waste management in Denmark. This is the incredible story of Waste Hero.

Bolt Check cabinet

Mastering the art of sustainable maintenance

Making a master of sustainable maintenance.

Bitzer render

Setting a new standard for interaction

Bitzer is taking interaction of office ventilation to the next level

The design process

The magical craft of making products cheaper to manufacture while increasing brand value, functionality, aesthetics, and preparing them for the sustainable era.

The design proces




The curious and adventurous journey of industrial design is simple yet incredibly complex. Want to know more about the design process and what steps are included in the process to make a truly great product?

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