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THIS is our mission.

Create cool stuff

At CurledDesign, we’re all about crafting cool stuff that seamlessly integrates functionality and style. We believe that a successful product must deliver value to the user and stay true to our initial design criteria.

Through a design thinking process and cutting-edge technology, we generate practical and visually appealing ideas. We ensure creative idea generation through market research and a human-centred design approach.

We aim to develop products that stand out from the rest – products users love to use and show off. Join the mission of crafting the coolest product designs.

Take a deep dive into our design process here: Design process


Adding value to the product is at the core of our mission. We believe every product we create should provide real value to its users.

To achieve this, we involve users in the design process. Gathering feedback and understanding users means we can iterate on the product idea until it meets the needs of your users. In addition, our value-based product development process ensures that every project we work on adds value to the end user.

Through a collaborative and iterative approach, we strive to create products that exceed expectations and deliver tangible benefits to the user. In addition, we are committed to providing long-term value for all our product designs. We achieve this through a simplistic design language, innovative features, user-friendly design and improved usability.

Reduce environmental impact!

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of the products we develop by focusing on sustainable materials and sustainable development.

Wherever possible, we look for ways to increase the usage of sustainable materials and minimise waste. By focusing on recycled and sustainable materials, we can ensure that products achieve minimal environmental impact.

The industrial design process combines inputs from multiple stakeholders to ensure an optimal product roadmap. The goal for all development projects is to reduce the environmental impact. This applies to redesigning existing products to be more sustainable and creating new product designs.

We're proud to say that we support a sustainable future.

Ensuring that we only run on renewable energy, and offsetting our carbon footprint, are among the actions we take to ensure a sustainable future.
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