Author: Mr boss

Embracing the Right to Repair in product design

Embracing the Right to Repair in product design The European Union’s Right to Repair legislation has created a transformative opportunity for companies and industrial designers to reimagine how we approach product design. As we adapt to these new regulations, we must integrate sustainable practices into our product strategy, development process, and marketing plans. By doing […]

Plastic. The wonder of the new world

Plastic. The wonder of the modern world and the problem. Plastic offers huge benefits and a massive impact on our nature, making it a double-sided wonder material. Designing, manufacturing and using plastic products have a considerable downside with the impact on nature. Creating eco-friendly products means understanding the life cycle of plastics and optimising for […]

The industrial design challenge

The industrial design challenge: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The importance of designing sustainable and environmentally friendly products is on everyone’s lips. However, with plastic being such a ubiquitous part of modern life, designing products that reduce their environmental impact can be challenging. The challenge is to design products that use plastic only where necessary or […]