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The ultimate route from idea to a final product. With this package, you’ll hit the market with confidence and ensure the quality of the product.

This package is specifically designed for optimal results based on in-depth user and market research. To ensure that your product is solving real-world problems, the entire development process is based on design thinking.

Through 3D modelling and visualisations, you’ll see the design before moving to the detailing phase, ensuring that the product fulfils your requirements and is fit for the market. This ensures market and user fitment before starting the construction detailing.

The transformation from digital drawing to physical product is a crucial point in the product development process. By using 3D printing and CNC technology, we decrease the risks associated with this transition, making them an integral part of the design process.

Develop products with more accuracy and less risk by choosing this package to ensure the optimal development process.

Interview of expert

The birth of something extraordinary

Get your development project kick-off right. Book a free kick-off meeting to discuss the elements of your project. Use the formula below, and start the creative process of product development now!

All processes include:

  • Design thinking
  • User-based design
  • Same consultant from start to finish
  • Cradle-to-cradle design
  • Slack channel for communication
  • Weekly status reports

With the premium package, you’ll receive:

  • A market and user report highlighting insights.
  • Sketches of 3 concepts that fulfil your design brief.
  • A 3D model of the chosen┬áconcept.
  • One 3D-printed prototype of the chosen concepts
  • One CNC-machined prototype
  • Three images of your product from different angles, with high-quality shadows, lights, and textures.
  • User testing and validation.

Price: 30.000 dkk


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