The Heros of waste management

From students to leading Waste Heros in Denmark. Waste Hero set out on a mission to develop its first mass-production hardware, an aftermarket sensor for detecting waste levels in bins all over Denmark.

These are the innovators, the entrepreneurs, and the game-changers. Here's how the three-phase product design system helped Waste Hero.​

Product vision

Create a sensor to measure waste levels in trash bins and send data wirelessly to a central station.

Benefit: Enable waste collectors to plan the most efficient route.


To secure a successful product development process, the first step is to understand the requirements for the product. Next, requirements are mapped through market research, user insights and technology understanding.



It needs to be sturdy  to live in the environment
Protect laser glass from impact.
Integratee LED for status lighting
Possible mounting with bolts and rivets.
Integrate Waste Hero logo.
Unique yet simple and minimalistic design.

Enable easy mounting with hand- or power tools.
Enable retrofitting in current and future waste bins.
Easy cleaning of laser glass

Laser for measurement
Integration of PCB, battery and antennas.


Time to create the product concept for further product development process, through idea generation, different concepts are created.

Based on the requirements, concept ideas are sketched, mocked up, 3D printed and tested.

Prototypes assist in understanding concepts and getting user feedback (customer and installer). They also guarantee compatibility with electronics and test internal mounting. This ensures a good product concept and a speedy product development process.

Waste Hero internals


Based on the design’s requirements, vision and desired uniqueness, a concept is chosen for further development. An excellent product-to-market roadmap is secured by getting the details right. This includes ensuring suitable surface roughness, slip angles on the enclosure, uniform material thickness, and mounting solutions for internals.

In collaboration with suppliers, the product comes to life with the right feel and is designed to be used for many years.

Waste Hero sensor

That's the story of Waste Hero. Starting from scratch, working their way up to heroes of waste management, and helping the world become more sustainable by believing long-term change is possible.


Waste Hero


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